Q: Why are natural & organic products so expensive
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Q: Why are natural & organic products so expensive

Hello Bunnies,

In the last year, I have become more aware of the ingredients in our toiletries. I was shocked to find many of the products that my family have been using on our skin can cause serious illnesses even cancer. The problem is that natural & organic products can be quite expensive. I don’t mind paying a little extra, but 9 quid for a shower gel is a bit too much for my family to afford on a weekly basis, can you tell me why these products cost so much and what you are doing to help make these products more affordable.

-       Anna, Derby  #askthebunnies

Hello Anna,

Thank you for your letter.

Natural and organic products generally cost more, because of the pure natural ingredients used and how they are grown. Many products lines are usually made in small batches, driving up the cost for consumers. In the manufacturing world, the more you buy the less each unit’s costs, companies that have the capability to produce on a mass scale can keep cost down by buying ingredients and packaging in very large quantities. Don’t forget manufacturers sell their products to retailers at wholesale price and retailers then double, triple or sometimes quadruple the final cost to you.
At Little Bunnies, you can see that our products use to retail at £6.99, after receiving several emails like this one, we decided to put our heads together and we think we can come up with a solution. During the month of February 2017, you will see that the price of our products has significantly reduced, this is because we are withdrawing our products from retailers so we can sell you our products at wholesale price, from factory to you. This is the only way we can afford to give you high quality natural and organic ingredients for less. To reward you for your loyalty every time you make an order we will send you a special money off voucher just for you to use, so you can save even more; so, keeping your family safe and healthy need not cost the world. I hope this answers your question Anna.

With love,


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