Name: Blue Berry Bunnie (known as Blueberry or Blue)
Age: 7
Species: Rabbit
Gender: Male
Occupation: Farmer & super investigator
Interests: Eating & exploring.
Dislikes: Being told off
Relatives: Daisy, Honey Bee & Baby Bow       

Characteristics: Blue skinned with blue eyes with a love for fruits, especially blueberries. Blue is very much jack the lad and he enjoys being wild, adventurous and is very cheeky. He is energetic, boisterous but friendly & cheerful. He always tells off the bad guy and gets in a huff and puff when annoyed or being told off by Daisy. He loves saying ‘Super Awesome’. He has a spaceship called Blue Circle, he also has the ability to run at supersonic speed and can even run on water.

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