Name: Honey Bee Bunnie
Age: 6
Species: Rabbit
Gender: Female
Occupation: Naturist & super investigator
Interests: Dress-up, Bees, nature & playing with friends
Dislikes: Chemicals
Relatives: Blueberry, Daisy & Baby Bow        

Characteristics: Honey Bee is yellowed skinned and often dresses up as a bee. She loves nature and bees and can often get distracted when one is about. She is very brave and always looks good saving the day. She has a bit of a temper and doesn’t like being bossed around by Daisy. She is also very sarcastic, and loves saying ‘Really?’ in a very sarcastic tone. She is a naturist who loves floating on her leaf and is very posh, but becomes very cheeky when in superhero mode. She has a yellow and black striped spaceship called Bee hive (which makes a buzzing noise when called to rise).

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