What is Natural

We Use Only The Purest Natural Ingredients

If your not familiar with natural and organic toiletries, you might be a bit confused about what we do. At Little Bunnies we make skincare and hair care products for your little bunnies that are made from the purest & safest ingredients. Your little ones health and well being is the most important thing in the world and we've spent years formulating the perfect products that are not only natural and organic but affordable too.

It may shock you to know, but what if I told you the majority of today's skincare products are made using synthetic mineral oils and other artificial ingredients derived from petrochemicals often dressed up to disguise their true origins. After all, a picture of a colourful field or flowers looks so much nicer on the packaging than one of an oil refinery! These ingredients are cheap and convenient to use, but they are far from healthy for the consumer or for the environment. In fact they pose significant health risks for users, particularly young babies.

Little Bunnies Baby skincare products are formulated using only the most natural and beneficial ingredients well over 95% of them obtained from natural or organically grown sources. Stringently selected for functionality, safety and efficiency, they are processed under strictly controlled conditions to ensure purity and preserve their bio nutrients.

Our organic ingredients don't come cheap they are ten times the price of synthetic ingredients. We use the purest ingredients like Aloe Vera juice; fine organic Argan and Jojoba oil or sunflower oil as a base instead of mineral oils. Our determination to use only the best and purest natural ingredients, and our attention to detail, may make our products a little more expensive, but surely feeling secure about your baby's health is worth the difference.


Vegan Friendly Products

Vegan friendly products are products that are made solely with ingredients that come from plants and flowers without the use of any animal products or any animal-by-products. Vegan brands are animal friendly. They are not tested on animals and are 100% cruelty free.